Job Positions

Faculty positions in Chemistry

to start in Autumn 2013. We seek colleagues who will participate in establishing strong research programme at the Department, take responsibility in teaching and supervising students, and acquire external research funding. Research at the Chemistry Department is currently focused on environmental chemistry, organic synthesis, and computational chemistry. The research groups in these fields are small (3-4 people). The successful candidate should strengthen our research activity. She/He must have sound scientific accomplishments. It is expected that she/he can lead independent research and acquire external funding.

Particularly we seek for experts in the following areas:

Organic/bioorganic chemist

A candidate should be experienced in modern experimental inorganic chemistry techniques. She/he should have strong contacts with sound universities enabling her/him to be involved in high grade European network research projects. There is no a priori restriction on the focus of his/her activity. Preference may however be given to candidates with experiences fitting to the current projects of the department, i.e. preparation of synthetic zeolites with environmental chemistry applications, surface chemistry, chemistry of selenium/tellurium, synthesis of boron/nitrogen/carbon compounds and/or synthesis of new compounds for non-linear optical applications. She/he should be able to coordinate the research strategy of the department in this field including building up the inorganic chemistry laboratory.

The initial appointment will be for maximum 5 years, as required by the Slovak University Act. Renewal might be expected, but note that it cannot be legally guaranteed. Remuneration will depend on previous experience. The University will strive to offer interesting conditions for the initial period, within the limits set by existing rules. They will be revised and adjusted to the performance after some initial period. It will also offer assistance with settling in Banská Bystrica.

The knowledge of Slovak language is welcome though no prerequisite. In the latter case, the successful candidate will be expected to acquire good working knowledge of the language within two years in order to fully participate in teaching and administration duties. The University will try to help by offering language course.


Prospective candidates holding the doctoral degree should submit the application including CV, list of publications, statement of research, and arrange three letters of reference by February 28, 2013 to

Dr. Miroslav Medveď
Matej Bel University
Department of chemistry
Tajovského 40
97401 Banská Bystrica
telephone: +421 48 446 7207
facsimile: +421 48 446 7200

Any questions concerning this opening can be addressed to Dr. Miroslav Medveď.